Saturday, 10 March 2007

New KO-related books from Chandos

For anyone who has not seen the latest catalogue from Chandos Publishing, it contains a number of books relevant to our field. Some are new (and even yet-to-be-published) and some have been out for a while.

Not least is the eagerly-awaited book by Patrick Lambe, "Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies, knowledge and organizational effectiveness" (ISBN 1-84334-227-8).

Others include:
  • Information Architecture for Information Professionals. Dr. Susan Batley.
  • Knowledge, Information and the Business Process. Liz Taylor.
  • Challenges of Knowledge Sharing in Practice: A Social Approach. Gunilla Widen-Wulff.
  • E-Journal Invasion: A Cataloger's Guide to Survival. Helen Heinrich.
  • Theory and Practice of the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Dr. M. P. Satija.
  • Indexing: From Thesauri to the Semantic Web. Pierre de Keyser.
  • Metadata for Digital Resources: Implementation, systems design and interoperability. Muriel Foulonneau & Jenn Riley.
  • Descriptive and Subject Cataloguing: A Workbook. Dr. Jaya Raju.
  • Classification in Theory and Practice. Dr. Susan Batley.
Further details available on the Chandos Web site via an author search.


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