Tuesday, 26 February 2008

CFP: CILIP Cataloguing & Indexing Group Annual Conference 2008


“Classification and subject retrieval in the 21st Century: You can’t make a jelly without a mould"

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 3-5 September 2008

135 years after Melvil Dewey first had the idea for his classification scheme and with the exponential growth of new information storage and retrieval systems we are still wrestling with finding the right way to get things in order- on the shelves and in those very systems – and then to enable people to find them when they search. This conference is intended to explore current developments in classification and subject retrieval. We hope to cover both the longstanding methods – such as traditional classification schemes - right up to social networking and ‘bleeding edge’ ideas. The conference will also include the CIG AGM and Annual Standards Forum.

Call for Papers: Proposals for papers are invited for the CIG/ CIGS Annual Conference 2008, “Classification and subject retrieval in the 21st Century: You can’t make a jelly without a mould.” To be held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow from 3-5 September 2008.

Proposals for papers should be submitted to Andrew Coburn no later than Friday 29 February 2008. Please complete the attached form. Papers should be 30-45 minutes in length. Papers will be considered for publication in Catalogue & Index following the conference. If the presentation of the paper is accompanied by a PowerPoint or similar presentation, CIG will publish the presentation on its Website.

Submissions will be evaluated by the CIG committee and notification of the selection decisions will be made during March 2008. Please note that CIG will reimburse any reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred by invited speakers.

Press release - 11th conference of the German chapter of ISKO held in Constance 20-22 February 2008

The 11th conference of the German chapter of ISKO took place from 20 to 22 February 2008 in Constance. The conference was entitled Knowledge Organization 2008 - "Repositories of knowledge in digital spaces: Accessibility, sustainability, semantic interoperability" (Wissensorganisation'2008 - Wissensspeicher in digitalen Räumen: Nachhaltigkeit, Verfügbarkeit, semantische Interoperabilität).

There were 33 papers presented and over 70 participants in attendance. The Discussion Panel session 'Standardizing Heterogeneity', moderated by Peter Ohly, took place on 21st February. The speakers were Winfried Schmitz-Esser (University of Insbruck), Daniel Kless (University of Utrecht), Vivien Petras (German Social Science Infrastructure Services, Information Centre Bonn) and Ulrich Reimer(Technical College, St. Gallen). On the last day of the conference there was an English speaking session with Thomas H. Baker (Göttingen), Aida Slavic (London), Claudio Gnoli (Pavia), and Markus Kattenbeck (Regensburg).

A selection of photographs from the Constance conference are available at http://www.bonn.iz-soz.de/wiss-org/WissOrg11Fotos/.
Abstracts of the talks will be made available at http://www2.bsz-bw.de/cms/isko2008.

The Proceedings of the 11th German ISKO Conference are now in preparation and are planned to be published in 2008.

We are also pleased to announce that the newely elected members of the executive committee of the German ISKO are Joern Sieglerschmidt, Peter Ohly and Christian Swertz.

The next, 12th German ISKO conference with the theme "Knowledge - Science - Organization" will be held in Bonn at the end of 2009.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Presentations available from Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG meeting

Courtesy of Neil Fegen

The Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG held its first meeting of 2008 on 12th Feberuary at Birkbeck, London. The meeting centred around project updates from the JISC Repositories and preservation programme.


Sarah Currier & Lara Whitela "DC-Education Application Profile: Use Case Gathering Session"

Mike Taylor "Using Standards to Make Vocabularies Available"

Koraljka Golub "EnTag: Enhanced Tagging for Discovery"

Sarah Currier "Easy Desktop Deposit for intraLibrary: and implmentation of SWORD"

Scott Wilson "FeedForward Project"

David Flanders "SOURCE project: A (Repository) Bulk-Migration Service"

Presentations and mp3 are available here.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

ISKO UK Open Meeting "Confronting the Future: Organizing and Managing Knowledge in the Web 2.0 age"

ISKO UK would like to invite you to the first 2008 open meeting of the British Chapter of International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO UK) on 5th March entitled Confronting the Future: Organizing and Managing Knowledge in the Web 2.0 age.

London, 5th March 2008
17:30 - 20:00

Venue: University College London, Roberts Building 106

Cost: Free

Two distinguished speakers will give their views on where the new shift in disintermediation brought by Web 2.0 and related changes in information technologies are leading our profession.

    Paul Dodgson is Vice-Chair of the Records Management Society of Great Britain and will describe where he sees the increasingly important Records Management function going in the coming years.

    Peter Griffiths is CILIP Vice-President 2008 and has enjoyed a long career in government libraries. Peter will tell us how this heterogeneous professional body sees the future for librarians and information scientists in both the public and private sectors.

This ISKO UK event is organized in cooperation with the UCL’s School of Library, Archive and Information Studies.

For full details on the venue, programme and to book your place go to the event's website .

HILT Terminology Services

The JISC-funded HILT project is looking to make contact with staff in information services or projects interested in helping it test and refine its developing SRW/U based terminology services. The project is currently working to create pilot web services that will deliver machine-readable terminology and cross-terminology mappings data likely to be useful to information services wishing to extend or enhance the efficacy of their subject search or browse services.

Working with us will require a certain level of technical expertise in web-page creation. The work is likely to be relatively low-key and will take place over a period of around 6 months starting towards the end of March.

We are interested in working with services funded by JISC, local services in JISC institutions, and other non-JISC and non-UK services.
If you are interested, please, contact: Dennis Nicholson, Project Director, d.m.nicholson@strath.ac.uk