Wednesday, 13 February 2008

HILT Terminology Services

The JISC-funded HILT project is looking to make contact with staff in information services or projects interested in helping it test and refine its developing SRW/U based terminology services. The project is currently working to create pilot web services that will deliver machine-readable terminology and cross-terminology mappings data likely to be useful to information services wishing to extend or enhance the efficacy of their subject search or browse services.

Working with us will require a certain level of technical expertise in web-page creation. The work is likely to be relatively low-key and will take place over a period of around 6 months starting towards the end of March.

We are interested in working with services funded by JISC, local services in JISC institutions, and other non-JISC and non-UK services.
If you are interested, please, contact: Dennis Nicholson, Project Director,

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