Thursday, 14 February 2008

Presentations available from Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG meeting

Courtesy of Neil Fegen

The Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG held its first meeting of 2008 on 12th Feberuary at Birkbeck, London. The meeting centred around project updates from the JISC Repositories and preservation programme.


Sarah Currier & Lara Whitela "DC-Education Application Profile: Use Case Gathering Session"

Mike Taylor "Using Standards to Make Vocabularies Available"

Koraljka Golub "EnTag: Enhanced Tagging for Discovery"

Sarah Currier "Easy Desktop Deposit for intraLibrary: and implmentation of SWORD"

Scott Wilson "FeedForward Project"

David Flanders "SOURCE project: A (Repository) Bulk-Migration Service"

Presentations and mp3 are available here.

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