Wednesday, 4 May 2011

UKeiG seeks the 2011 nominations for its Jason Farradane Award

The UKeiG Jason Farradane Award is made to an individual or a group of people in recognition of outstanding work in the information profession. The Award embraces activities in the information profession in its widest sense, while the UKeiG Tony Kent Strix Award focuses more narrowly on information retrieval.

The Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the information profession, by meeting one or more of the following criteria:
  • raising the profile of the information profession within an organisation or field of endeavour in a way which has become an exemplar to others;
  • raising the awareness of the value of information in the workplace;
  • demonstrating excellence in education and teaching in information science;
  • a major contribution to the theory and practice of information science or information management.

Key characteristics that the judges will look for in nominations are innovation, initiative, originality and practicality. None of the criteria should be read as implying activity over an extended period. The Award is open to individuals or groups from anywhere in the world.

Full details for nominations can be found on the Call for Nominations page.

Nominations for the 2011 Award are now invited, and should be sent before Friday October 21st, to:

Chris Armstrong
Aberystwyth SY23 4TJ

Tel: +44 1974 251302