Friday, 2 March 2007

Knowledge organization of solidarity, sustainability and non-violence subjects

Luis Gutirrez announces the new issue of his Newsletter
"Solidarity, Sustainability, and non-Violence"
This Newsletter contains a knowledge organization section that proposes a two-taxonomy approach in dealing with these specific subjects:
- knowledge organization taxonomy
- knowledge access taxonomy


Bob Bater said...
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Bob Bater said...

There are a couple of useful tools for KO consultants I had not come across before on the associated web site These are labelled 'Knowledge Synthesis' and 'Information Analysis' respectively. Both are commercial products. The first, 'Powersim' looks very much to me to be a concept mapping tool. In which case, I think the free-for-non-profit use CMap Tools can probably do the same job and offers collaborative features as a bonus. CMap Tools can be explored (and downloaded) at: