Friday, 16 March 2007

ISKO News Section - include commercial events?

I know that I am not the only one among ISKO UK's membership, but I am a member of the North American taxonomy mailing list TaxoCop. This list is primarily oriented towards the role of taxonomies (and related approaches to structuring information) in the corporate information environment. There is an associated Wiki. The list is run by Seth Earley of Earley and Associates, whose business is taxonomy building and deployment, although TaxoCop is not run as a commercial operation.

From time to time, the TaxoCop community run conference calls on specific topics. Some of these are free, but more often they cost USD50 per person (plus the call costs, of course). TaxoCop have announced such a conference call for March 28th, entitled 'Taxonomy and KM'. I am wondering if we wish to carry notices of such items in the News section on the ISKO site?

Although the TaxoCop conference calls are charged, they are not really commercial events, and may therefore qualify to appear in our News section. However, there are a number of events around the topic of taxonomies which are run as commercial events, such as the Taxonomy conferences which Ark Group (used to?) run, and the very interesting sessions at the Online Conference last November involving Joseph Busch, Jayne Dutra, Tom Reamy and others. Should we carry news items for such commercial events also, where they are relevant?

I have no wish to interfere with editorial policy for our Web site, but it seems to me that we need to clarify our position in this respect. What do other members think?



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