Sunday, 29 June 2008

Presentations from ISKO UK meeting "Agenda for Information Retrieval"

The Agenda for Information Retrieval event was organized in conjuction with the School of Library Archives and Information Studies at UCL, and was attended by 91 participants.

Three eminent speakers: Brian Vickery, Stephen Robertson and Ian Rowlands, addressed issues that have been on the information retrieval agenda from the 1950s to the era of Google. The talks were followed by a lively and stimulating discussion chaired by Stella Dextre-Clarke.

We are grateful to Conrad Taylor, co-ordinator of the BCS KIDMM (Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata Management) community, for recording and photographing the event.

Presentations and recordings of the talks are now available at the event's page.


Stephen said...

The BCS KIDMM link is broken on the event page.

Aida Slavic said...

Thanks, corrected! :-) I forgot the happy event of KIDMM getting its own domain recently. It is now