Friday, 4 July 2008

Announcement: Intercultural Knowledge Landscapes, Florence, 11-12 September 2008

A workshop "Intercultural Knowledge Landscapes" organized by Terminology and Intercultural Web Landscapes Working Group will take place on 11-12 September 2008 in Florence (Italy).

Venue: L’Agenzia Nazionale per lo Sviluppo dell’Autonomia Scolastica (ex Indire), via Buonarroti 10 – 50122 Firenze.

- communication and interculturality;
- web accessibility and multilingual glossaries;
- on line information in the domain of communication/knowledge/information;
- e-book on “Communicate differently”;
- training;

The language of the workshop: Italian and English.

Preliminary Programme:

Thursday, the 11th September
10.00 Registration
10.30 Introduction,
Giovanni Biondi
10.40 Working group: criteria, methods and goals,
Paola Capitani
10.50 Le applicazioni del web 2.0 per l’apprendimento e le biblioteche,
Lucia Bertini
11.00 [Title to be announced]
Daniele Montagnani
11.10 [Title to be announced]
Mario Rotta
11.20 La normativa UNI: partenza e obiettivo del web semantico,
Roberto Ravaglia
11.50 Working groups
14.00 Translation e intercultural landscapes,
Franco Bertaccini
14.20 Interculture, communication and…
Mela Bosch
14.40 Formalization of the terms relation in multilingual thesauri,
Piero Cavaleri
15.00 Artificial intelligence and semantic web,
Salem Badee
15.20 E-learning pills,
Umberto Amicucci
16.00 Working groups
17.00 Plenary session

Friday, the 12th September
10.00 OPAC experience on the public libraries’ user profile, Gianfranco Bettoni
10.20 Subject to be defined,
Daniele Toulouse Cordier
11. 00 [Title to be announced],
Claudio Todeschini
12.00 Working groups
13.00 Plenary session
13.30 Conclusions

For further information contact Paola Capitani (

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John Lindsay said...

there has been a series of about eight meetings at the V&A in London on diversity, which I suspect is the same sort of thing as cultural landscapes, and really stunning was the session on the record, where almost none of the participants, having spent a million pounds of public money, seemed to know anything about record management!

Hope there will be some just use dewey in florence