Friday, 11 July 2008

Dead KM Walking

For the benefit of those in ISKO UK who are not also members of the BCS-KIDMM mailing list, I reproduce below a posting I have just made to the latter.

While checking my NewsFox portfolio for items suitable for a response to Conrad's recent call for suggested RSS feeds, I came across the video below produced by Patrick Lambe (a UCL alumnus) whom I admire a great deal. If you can find a spare 40 minutes, I recommend you watch/listen to Patrick discussing KM with gurus Larry Prusak and Dave Snowden. It will be food for thought for some, maybe poison for others...

Dead KM Walking

Watch out KM pigeons - here come the cats!


Fran Alexander said...

It's a very interesting video, covering lots of ground and raising plenty of questions. It has also sparked quite a discussion and at least one follow-up post so far, which are also worth reading.

Robert said...

This is a video which gives plenty of food for thought. It is an open and honest discussion. The two gurus-Prusak & Snowden-conclude that 'KM' is pretty well dead.
However, I don't want to simplify things too much. Well worth watching.