Friday, 20 June 2008

Findability - survey's shock findings

AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management) have just completed a survey on Findability to be published soon (see their press release).

The 'shock' finding is that among more than 500 businesses surveyed, "69% of respondents report that less than half of enterprise information is searchable online".

Dan Keldsen is Director of Market Intelligence at AIIM, and his blog offers an interesting discussion of these preliminary results.

We had similar findings reported back in March by Cap Gemini in their Information Opportunities Report.

How many more of these reports do we have to suffer before people realize that actively organizing knowledge and information is the only way to ensure findability? Add your weight to the argument by submitting a comment to Dan's blog, arguing the case for knowledge organization in your organization, or by commenting on this post.

Or, preferably, all three!

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Dan Keldsen said...

Hi Bob - always interesting what the reaction will be when you release some fresh findings, eh? Thanks for picking this up and spreading the word around.

The 69% say <50% of info is searchable online was a bit of a shocker for me, although not completely. And I hope people don't jump to the conclusion that search is dead, doesn't work, etc.. That's certainly not our perspective. The problem is that organizations THINK that they've solved their problems, with barely any effort, and yet (as we say in New England), "you can't get there (your information) from here (via various findability techniques)."

I love your 2nd closing suggestion "arguing the case for knowledge organization in your organization" - YES!

Please folks, apathy is not helping (we have other data coming up on internal/enterprise search vs. public/web-facing search and consumer web findability in general that's not necessarily mind blowing, but really hammers home the fact that ownership and strategy lag WAY behind in internal deployments vs. revenue or cost-saving, consumer-focused efforts).

Help make change happen - and you may find that it is actually much easier to begin improving findability in your organization than you (or your boss) thought.

Would love more feedback on a recent post I have (thanks for pointing it out in your coverage) - feel free to weigh in.