Sunday, 28 October 2007

Strong UK representation at IBERSID 2007

Several ISKO UK members attended IBERSID 2007 (the XII International Conference on Information and Documentation Systems) in Zaragoza in early October. They were there to speak as well as to listen. Of 12 speakers in a day-long special session entitled Ontologies: principles and practice, five were from the UK, three of them ISKO UK members. The session was chaired by ISKO UK founder member Alan Gilchrist.

The papers presented in the ontology session were:

Ontologies: modelling and logic - Alan Flett, (Senior Consultant, TFPL)
From thesauri to ontologies: the challenges of standardisation - Stella Dextre Clarke (Information consultant)
Topic Maps: Theory and Practice - Bob Bater (ISKO UK Vice-chair & Principal Associate, InfoPlex Associates)
Semantic Web for the Public Sector - Dr. Harith Alani (University of Southampton)
The Lexical Constructional Model: the general architecture - Prof. Dr. Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) & Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mairal Usón (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain)
Cognitive Linguistics and Language: Guided Ontology Construction - Prof. Dr. Tony Veale (University College Dublin, RoI)
Ontologies and the semantic web: problems and perspectives for LIS professionals - Mtro. Javier Calzada Prado (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
A descriptive algorithm for a wine tasting lexicon corpus - Dña. Margarita Goded Rambaud (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain)
Contributions for an Improvement of the Children’s Catalogue in the Public Library - Mtra. Sandra Cosme (Universidade de Évora, Portugal)

These papers are not included in the main conference proceedings, but may be published separately next year.

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