Tuesday, 9 October 2007

PDF (XMP) Metadata Editor for Windows

Pound Hill Software, a developer of metadata software tools, announced in late August 2007 the release of MetaGrove Suite 1.0 for the Windows XP platform. MetaGrove is a software suite of products that provide XMP metadata capabilities to users of Adobe Creative Suite CS2, which includes the popular Adobe Acrobat (PDF) cross-platform document format.

Why should KO professionals take note? Because the PDF format - as PDF/A - is a possible contender for the archiving of digital information, and Adobe's W3C-conformant XMP metadata specification provides an extensible platform for organizing digital information to make it discoverable.

The roots of this thread lie in the growing importance of LIS (KO) skills in today's world of information glut and knowledge scarcity. This was briefly referenced in my posting to the KOnnect blog entitled 'Bringing it all Back Home', where I referenced our sister-group KIDMM’s recognition of digital preservation as an important issue.

Although current discussion of digital archiving formats tends to focus on the Microsoft OOXML / ODF contest, PDF/A allied with XMP should not be dismissed. The appearance of a sophisticated XMP editor for Windows heralds a new stage in the battle for supremacy in this important KO arena.

A brief review of Pound Hill Software's MetaGrove for Windows metadata editor will appear on ISKO UK's KOnnect blog soon.

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Mito de la Caverna said...

Thank you very much for your information about XMP editors but I´m looking for free XMP editors (Linux/Win) and later, I would like to do a tutorial.