Friday, 5 October 2007

Presentations and audio recordings - Meta Knowledge Mash-up 2007

The BCS "Knowledge, information, data and metadata management" (BCS-KIDMM) project - organized a one-day conference on 17 September 2007 entitled "Meta Knowledge Mash-up 2007: Putting information back into IT".

    A Mash-up for knowledge: From an origin in Jamaican creole and the music industry, ‘mash-up’ has come to mean putting together data from different sources to produce a useful new resource. The aim of our event is to tear through the boundaries between different professional specialisms, and ‘mash-up’ the perspectives we carry from our own practice, to create something for the benefit of all.

Slideshows and audio recordings can be found at the Mash-up outputs page


  • Conrad Taylor (Electronic Publishing SG) "Introduction to the day, plus: An overview of methods of adding ‘handles and labels’ to data, information and knowledge products"
  • Tony Rose (Infomation Retrieval SG) "Information Retrieval today: an overview of issues and methods"
  • Tom Khazaba (SPSS) "Data Mining, Text Mining and the Predictive Enterprise"
  • Ian Herbert (Health Informatics Forum) "Interoperability of health information, and the role of controlled vocabularies"
  • Dan Rickman (Geospatial SG) "Geospatial information and its applications"
  • Christopher Marsden (Victoria & Albert Museum) "The V&A’s Core Systems Integration project: Using a common data model to unify museum catalogue databases"
  • Terry Freedman (The National Archive) "Digital preservation – what are the issues?"
  • Leonard Will (Will Power) "Overview on subject indexing classification and thesauri"
  • Richard Millwood (Core UK) "Enabling knowledge communities"

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