Monday, 11 June 2007

A tag too far?

For those ISKO UK members who don't subscribe to the BCS KIDMM mailing list, I would recommend that you watch a video of David Weinberger (co-author of 'The Cluetrain Manifesto'; author of 'Small Pieces Loosely Joined'; and now of 'Everything is Miscellaneous') In summary, Weinberger is one of the most respected commentators on the new paradigms brought to us by the Web. This interesting videocast is brought to ISKO UK courtesy of Conrad Taylor of KIDMM, who in turn received the link from Dave Crossland.

Why should you watch? Because Weinberger discusses Web 2.0, the transition occurring from the Web as a centralised publish-subscribe model to a fully networked model, taxonomies, folksonomies and faceted navigation. Be warned! Some of Weinberger's views may appear, to dyed-in-the-wool KO classicists, at least challenging, at most heretical!

Enjoy it.

Peter Morville: [The opening:] “…David Weinberger’s mesmerizing new book about organization, authority, and knowledge. I received my advance copy last week and read it in a single day. I found it interesting and inspiring, and I recommend it highly. But, I don’t agree that everything is or will be or should be miscellaneous, and I don’t believe David is entirely fair to librarians, information architects, and other professional organizers.”

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Aida Slavic said...

This talk is very relevant. I am sorry I missed Bob's post earlier. The talk is a very good contribution to the discussion on knowledge organization in digital and networked world. Weinberger questions the purpose of classification, ordering of information, differences between organizing objects and organizing knowledge, dangers of definitions and dangers of classifications, public negotiation of knowledge.
His explanation of metadata: "metadata are things that we know about things that we want to find".

As for the Weinberger's last book "Everything is miscellaneous". I would recommend a review by J. Kalbach here.