Monday, 11 June 2007

Study report: "Web 2.0 for Content for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education"

Report of a study into the use of Web 2.0 technologies for content creation for learning and teaching in Higher Education, funded by JISC, and carried out between March and May 2007 - is now available here.

"It draws on existing studies, interviews with staff at universities who have implemented Web 2.0 technologies for learning and teaching, and a week-long web based seminar (webinar) with expert contributions, both from speakers and the audience. The report builds on the briefing documents that were written especially for the webinar and the results of the webinar discussions, many of which can be
found in the Moodle site that was used to support the conference."

In the Conclusion the authors (Tom Franklin and Mark van Harmelen) say:

"Web 2.0 will have profound implications for learners and teachers in formal, informal, work-based and lifelong education. Web 2.0 will affect how universities go about the business of education, from learning,teaching and assessment, through contact with school communities, widening participation, interfacing with industry, and maintaining contact with alumni.

However, it would be a mistake to consider Web 2.0 as the sole driver of these changes; instead Web 2.0 is just one part of the HE ecosystem. Other drivers include, for example, pressures to greater efficiency, changes in student population, and ongoing emphasis on better learning and teaching methods.

Nonetheless, Web 2.0 is, in our view, a technology with profound potentiality for inducing change in the HE sector. In this, the possible realms of learning to be opened up by the catalytic effects of Web 2.0 technologies are attractive, allowing greater student independence and autonomy, greater collaboration, and increased pedagogic efficiency."


Anne Welsh said...

Thanks for this reference, Aida - really useful and one that hasn't cropped up in my other current awareness sources.

Aida Slavic said...

there was an interesting comment on the JISC-REPOSITORIES discussion list on 11 June, by Howard Noble you may like to check.