Sunday, 17 April 2011

Social metadata for libraries, archives and museums: Research findings

The results of a joint research project by OCLC and National Library of Australia are discussed in a presentation to the Libraries Australia 2010 forum, October 20, 2010. Ten percent of the respondents in the survey were UK-based.

The research generated three reports:

  • Website reviews, and use of third party sites (150 pp.)
  • Analysis of website manager survey results (50 pp.)
  • Recommendations for social metadata and bibliography (due November 2010).

The slide set includes a number of interesting examples where social metadata are used, from Flickr geotagging to The Mutiny on the Bounty, to 19th century moustaches. The slides then go on to present a summary of the results, such as how long respondents have been offering social media features, their reasons for doing so, social media and interactive features offered and policies and guidelines used, concluding with 18 recommendations.

There is no indication whether the papers accompanying the presentations will be published online.
Social metadata for libraries, archives and museums: Research findings from the RLG Partners Social Metadata Working Group, October 2010
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The presentation is downloadable from the NLA web site (ppt, 6.7 MB), or viewable on SlideShare. The SlideShare version includes speaker's notes for each slide.

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