Tuesday 8 September 2015

Bibliography of the British Technology Index

BTI bibliography compiled by Keiichi Kawamura was published by Jusonbo Co. Ltd. (Tokyo).
ISBN: 978-4-88367-250-9

"This bibliography lists about 320 references to BTI ranging from 1958 to the present. Eight languages are concerned with the bibliography: English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish. Every item has an English abstract or annotation. Items are arranged in systematic order, and cross-references among related items as well as author and language indexes complement the systematic arrangement. A title list of E.J. Coates’ BTI-related works arranged in chronological order is appended."

From the Preface:
"BTI was commenced by the Library Association (LA), London, in February 1962. It was a monthly and annual subject guide to articles in about 400 British technical journals.
BTI introduced new techniques which differed from those traditionally used. Societies of professional indexers regarded BTI as ‘an indexing masterpiece’ in the field of science and technology, and Coates was called ‘the genius of subject index.’ His main book was reissued by the same publisher in 1988 at an interval of 28 years. I think that it is time to reappraise BTI as a global standard. The bibliography is compiled for this purpose." (Keiichi Kawamura, 18th June 2015).


Preface and acknowledgements
Systematic arrangement
00 “Subject catalogues: headings and structure”
10 Prenatal stage and early years of BTI
20 Aspects of BTI
30 Indexing system
40 Computerization
50 User-oriented education and training
60 User study and laboratory evaluation
70 Events following the resignation of the first editor
80 Applications of BTI system including trials and discussions
90 References made to BTI in connection with Ranganathan and CRG
Author index
Language index
Appendix: Title list of Coates’ BTI-related works arranged in chronological order

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