Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Macmillan Science and Education Publish RDF Ontologies

Macmillan Science and Education have published their RDF ontologies used for content publishing.

They are sharing these in order to contribute to the wider linked data community and to provide a public reference for their data models.

"This May 2015 release further extends the number and size of our published data models. We've added two more domain models: relations and review-states. We've linked our subjects domain model to the NLM MeSH RDF Linked Data (beta) and provided Bio2RDF links as well. We've also displayed instance data for all of the domain models. On top of that we've grown the number of terms from our Core Ontology by more than 50% – see the bar chart below. And we've improved navigation on the core and domain model pages."

See the nature.com site for further information.

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