Thursday, 22 November 2012

Loughborough's Department of Information Science to Close

The Department will be replaced by a centre for information management within Loughborough's School of Business and Economics.

In a statement, Loughborough says that the centre will "allow the university to better integrate the strengths it has in research, teaching and enterprise in the department of information science and the School of Business and Economics, and will build on the expertise and reputation of both".

Source: Times Higher Education

IM 1, LIS 0?


John Lindsay said...

This is another corpse.... librarians needs defenses like never before.

John Lindsay said...

There is a sequencing matter here, I entered comment, then followed the following instructions but comment has disappeared, so you need to choose an identity first, then enter comment. I think also the security tags are much too complicated,.. often they appear so distorted that I simply cannot read them.

But my comment was that librarianship needs all the defences it can get.