Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Proceedings of the 17th ASIS&T SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop

In October Claudio Gnoli posted information about Proceedings of the 18th ASIS&T SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop being available online.
Last week, last year's workshop proceedings devoted to social tagging were also nicely 'wrapped up' and presented (on dLIST). It seems that Joe Tennis is doing an excellent job as the subject editor for classification and knowledge organization in this archive - but we are also grateful to all colleagues in ASIST SG who contributed to this excellent idea:

Proceedings of the 17th ASIS&T SIG/CR Classificaiton Research Workshop, Austin, Texas, 2006 (Advances in Classification Research, Volume 17). Eds. Jonathan Furner and Joseph T. Tennis


Jonathan Furner (2006). Social classification: Panacea or Pandora?

Xia Lin, Joan E. Beaudoin, Yen Bui, and Kaushal Desai. (2006). Exploring characteristics of social classification.

Emma Tonkin. (2006). Searching the long tail: Hidden structure in social tagging.

Toine Bogers. Willem Thoonen, and Antal van den Bosch. (2006). Expertise classification: Collaborative classification vs. automatic extraction.

Jennifer Trant. (2006). Social classification and folksonomy in art museums: Early data from the steve.museum tagger prototype.

Martha Kellogg Smith. (2006). Viewer tagging in art museums: Comparisons to concepts and vocabularies of art museum visitors.

Megan Winget. (2006). User-defined classification on the online photo sharing site Flickr ... Or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the million typing monkeys.

Melanie Feinberg. (2006). An examination of authority in social classification systems.

D. Grant Campbell. (2006). A phenomenological framework for the relationship between the Semantic Web and user-centered tagging systems.

Joseph T. Tennis. (2006). Social tagging and the next steps for indexing.

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