Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Keywords & the e-Government Metadata Standard

Rumour has it that the use of the Subject element of the e-GMS for keywords is to be deprecated. The e-GMS v. 2 supported the use of keywords to extend the specificity of the pretty unspecific GCL in use at the time. The e-GMS v3.0 (29 April 2004) still referenced the GCL but appeared to restrict keywords to a controlled set, saying:
"These should be taken from a controlled vocabulary or list."
However, that policy seems to have been changed in the e-GMS v3.1 (29/8/2006) which says:
"Uncontrolled values (e.g. keywords from an uncontrolled list) can also be used if they will make it easier for people to find the resource."
No wonder there's confusion! Does anyone know whether there is any truth in the rumour?

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