Thursday, 17 May 2007

A Chinese Project: Research and Implementation of Knowledge Organizing System Integration & Service Architecture

The project, Research and Implementation of Knowledge Organizing System Integration & Service Architecture with funds of RMB 8.4million (about 0.7 million UK pound) supported by the state, is one of the projects catalogued in the Key Technologies R&D Program of Chinese 11th Five-Year Plan (2007-2009) in China. It aims to dynamically improve the knowledge organization system (KOS) in the key filed of engineering technologies, to establish the system for multi-domain thesaurus integration, dynamically maintenance and services of semantic tools, such as open classification schema, thesaurus and ontology. The KOS Integration & Service Architecture as an infrastructure will provide a supporting semantic services for information resources processing.
This research project includes construction of integrated vocabulary resources, development of semantic tools, construction of semantic services system and some fundamental research of S&T domain ontology etc. The construction of integrated vocabulary resources means the construction and maintenance of multi-domain engineering and technological thesaurus; development of semantic tools means the development of assistant tool for classification/thesaurus system; construction of semantic services system means research on integration system of KOS framework and implementation of services system. Fundamental research means acquisition and reasoning research on S&T domain ontology.
At present, about 30 full-time researchers, led by the principal of Qiao Xiaodong, are working on this research project. Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of China (ISTIC) is responsible for the research project. ISTIC is the organizing and coordinating institution for Chinese Subject Thesaurus, a comprehensive searches tool for science and technology, which embodies 81,198 subject items, including 68,823 formal subject items and 12,375 informal subject items. Chinese Subject Thesaurus is the leading tool for subject indexing, subject searches, catalogue organizing and indexing. In recent years, ISTIC is responsible for lots of high-level national scientific research programs in the aspect of knowledge organizing system. ISTIC, in 2006, was responsible for Automatic Mapping Research of Information Resources Category on the Basis of Governmental Affair Ontology, one of the programs for the National Natural Science Foundation, which mainly consists of the construction of governmental affair ontology and the research of automatic mapping among multi-categories of governmental affair information resources. Besides, ISTIC has completed the Logic Semantic Expression & Calculation Model Research on Natural Language Processing (2002-2004) for the National Natural Science Foundation and accomplished its own projects, Automatic Construction of Ontology on the Basis of Text and Design and Accomplishment of Managing System of Language Materials on Knowledge Acquisition. These programs help ISTIC form a stable group of intelligent and skillful researchers and develop technological reserves for the present project.


Marcia Zeng said...

This is a great news. Hope it will not be just an 'engineering' project. My Master's thesis was about this Chinese Sucject Thesaurus and quite a few other sci-tech thesauri back to 1983-84.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the most important of part of this project is to develope a concept base of terminology, in which different popular terms can be stored. these popular terms largely come from the search terms input by the end-users in some main Chinese database. when the terms gained, some mapping will be made between some Chinese thesauri and these popular terms.

I think it is possible to give each terms some usage rate to support the query.